What Should I Put on My Dog's Engraving Tag?

  • 21 March, 2023
  • Ashleigh Foltz

When it comes to pet ownership, there are a few things that must be non-negotiable. One of those things is pet ID. There is a lot of wiggle room on many aspects of pet parenting, but this is one piece of universal advice for all pet parents. Your pet needs a proper ID. This is your first line of defense to get your pet returned home to you safely if they are lost.

Why Dog ID Tags Are Important

Regardless of how cautious you are with your dog, there is always the chance it will run away at some point. Some pet owners think that because we now have pet chipping technology, there is really no need for old-fashioned dog tags.

Microchipping is also always advisable, but old-fashioned dog tags are a faster way to get your pet returned to you. If your dog is only microchipped, you should keep in mind that if it is lost, another person must take the time and try to take the animal to an animal shelter or vet to have the chip read. So many people are not willing to do that. However, if they see a pet with a tag and a contact number, they are often inclined to pull out their cell phone, give you a quick call and maybe even wait with your pet until you arrive.

You want to make returning your pet as convenient as possible for whoever finds them first. Dog tags provide this quick and easy way to get your pet back to you. Even a child or a teenager can help return a pet with a proper ID tag.

Dog tags also make your lost dog more approachable to strangers. When someone sees a dog tag, they immediately know this pet belongs to someone and is not a stray.

Other Ways Dogs Get Lost

If your dog never runs away or wanders, there is still a chance it could get lost. Natural disasters, home fires, or other traumatic or frightening events might separate you from your dog. In these instances, dog tags can help others quickly ID your dog and return it home safely.

What to Include on the Dog Tag Engraving

Dog tags are generally small, so what is engraved must count. You can expect about four lines of text, possibly more on the back.

It is always good to include your dog’s name. When others approach your dog, it is good if they have a name, as this will make your dog more relaxed and less likely to run.

The most important piece of information is a phone number. This is your first line of defense. A current phone number allows others to call you and tell you where your dog is.

If there is room, consider adding your name and street address. If your dog is not far away, someone can bring it back to your house for you.

Consider, if there is room, to include any medical or health problems the dog may have.

If your dog is microchipped, include that as well.

Some pet owners also include information such as, “I’m friendly,” or, “If I’m alone, I’m lost.”

You will most likely need to take some time to decide which pieces of information are most important to your dog’s well-being and safety. Most dog tags won’t have room to include everything.

Benefits of Dog ID Tags

Dog tags are a great idea because they are inexpensive, easy to customize, easy to communicate without technology required, and most importantly, the fastest and most convenient way for others to help return your dog to you.

Things To Consider

As with everything, you should consider a few things if you choose dog tags.

Tags do present a potential choking hazard if they are not made well. However, a well-designed collar and tag are usually a safe option for your pet. Always follow the two-finger rule to ensure your dog’s collar is not too tight. You should be able to place two fingers beneath the collar.

Some people find dog tags to be noisy and annoying. The solution to this problem is silent dog tags. Silent dog tags are made out of silicone instead of metal. This reduces the annoying jingling that is an irritant to dogs and people alike.

Some pet owners find their dog hates wearing a collar and tag. This is a training issue. Dogs will usually submit to anything you consistently present to them. Train your dog with its collar the way you would train them with anything else you need to get accustomed to.

Consistency and treats are a great way to help accustom your dog to something new.

Final Thoughts

Dog tags should be an essential part of your pet safety plan. Even though you will do everything in your power to ensure your dog never gets lost, it does happen sometimes. As the pet owner, it is up to you to ensure that if your dog is lost, there are quick and easy ways for people to contact you.

This is not only a step you should take to keep your pet safe, but it is also something you should do for the benefit of your entire community.

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