We pride ourselves on having the best dog tags on Earth.

We say that because, our silicone dog tags;

  • Are extremely durable. Unlike traditional metal tags that can get scratched and faded, our Hush Puppy silicone dog tags are virtually indestructible. We’re so confident that we have a 100% lifetime guarantee.

  • Are 99.9% silent. No more jingling dog tags! Restore the peace and quiet in your house make them feel more comfortable and will help you avoid th dreaded "Jingle PTSD!"
  • Are 100% Safe. Our Patented, non-allergenic silicone dog tags hang close to the collar so your dog can’t chew them.  There's no sharp edges that could harm your dog or get caught on dog bowls and kennels like with metal dog tags.

  • Are lightweight, perfect for even the tiniest pups. Since our tags are made of lightweight silicone, your dogs will always be comfortable wearing it. Hush Puppy Dog silicone dog ID tags are the perfect solution for all breeds!

  • Are temperature neutral. Never again worry about your pup sunbathing and then burning themselves (or you) with a hot metal dog tag. Our silicone tags are temperature neutral, so even on the hottest summer days or the coldest winter nights, they’ll remain the perfect temperature for everyone’s safety and comfort.
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