We are American dog lovers who recognized the need for unique dog ID tags like ours.  Our tags are meant to speak to both the dog’s and their parents’ unique personalities and lifestyles.

Hush Puppy Dog Tags is taking pet IDs beyond the rest, those that have been around for decades, and we're making one of your pet's most basic needs into something fun and exciting!

We're working to help others

We are excited to connect with passionate pet-parents like you to spread joy and unconditional love not only through our products, but also through our company's founding mission to help others along the way.   Through our retail and affiliate programs, we are giving most of our profits to anyone who sends referrals to us, instead of giving it to advertisers. 

We've made Dog ID Tags unique

Our fashionable, safe, durable, silent, and comfortable personalized pet ID tags go beyond any dog tags the world has ever seen!  Our patent-pending rear mount makes the entire tag visible and keeps it close to the collar so your dog can’t chew on it or hurt themselves and we don't use cheap split-rings that can hurt both of you.  Keep those on your keychain where they were meant to be!  Our heavy duty Magic Rings clip to the collar in a split second unlike dangerous split rings and ours look really good!

We're niche promoters

We have programs for pet-related causes, or anyone who would like to give, custom, personalized silicone dog tags to their supporters as a thank you for donations or as a fundraising item itself.  

We are philanthropists

As we build this business on referrals instead of advertising, we will be giving away up to 40% of our gross sales to those who help us get the word out and create sales.  


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