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“It arrived so quickly and is such a great quality. I love it and my dog loves it!” - Cindy M.

“Our pup loves the beach life so we’re happy to have your tag and wear it proudly. Being that we are a military family we're even more proud and honored to have our dog wear the beautiful American flag tag!” - Sandy F.

“I love that this tag is silent. I no longer have to listen to metal clanging on metal when Cooper is eating his food!” - Amanda N.

“The ring that attaches to these Hush Puppy dog tags is so cool. It clips on so easily and the clasp goes right on the collar.” - Jesse L.

“They are so durable, even my most active dogs can’t destroy it!” - Erin T.

“I love all of the fun designs! I want to order 1 of every tag so I can rotate each tag based on my mood and my dog’s mood.” - Nicholas O.

“My dog can get messy! These Hush Puppy Dog Tags are so easy to clean. Highly recommend!” - Kristin L.

“These Hush Puppy Dog tags are so easy to put on my dog’s collar.” - Ashley T.
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