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The classic bone-shaped Dog ID tag has been around a long time. We're proud to introduce a collection of bone-shaped dog ID tags in 5 different colors and accents. Hush Puppy Dog Tags are more comfortable than any other dog tag available. Our Dog ID tags are totally silent, safe, stylish, and durable. These are dog ID tags that are designed with more than one purpose.  The patent-pending rear mount of the tag makes the tag hang high on the collar so your dog cannot get it in their mouth. It's nearly impossible to get under the collar, but if it does, it will not hurt your dog.  Our tags eliminate the jingling sound that hurts your dog's ears and annoys you.  These tags are like so many other dog accessories.  They are beautiful and they stay beautiful, unlike outdated metal dog tags which get scratched, fade, or wear away.  At the end of your dog's life, their tag stands on your shelf, desk, or mantle as a reminder of your loving furry friend.  No other dog tag in the world has so much intentional design, especially to help you heal when that inevitable day comes.
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